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Understanding story types

Types of Video


Testimonial Videos

A testimonial is a stamp of approval from other businesses. Video testimonials are a perfect way to showcase social proof and thus increase credibility for your services or products. You can highlight how your solution fits different industries, how it solves common customer problems, and how you go above and beyond to deliver customer success. In testimonial videos, your customer is the hero of the story even as they promote your business. Click image to view sample videos.


Brand and Culture Videos

Brand and culture videos tell your audience more about your brand and what you stand for. They communicate the character of your business, things like your working environment, your commitment to excellence, or your sense of humor. They’re a great opportunity to have some fun and get creative.


Facilities & Capabilities

These videos are used to showcase the size of your facilities, an expansion that improves your ability to serve your customers, or other aspects of the overall capabilities of your business. They might use drone footage for a different point of view, or employ time lapse photography to show a facility being built over time. Pre-arranged package options are available in our online shop.


Promotional Videos

Promo videos are a great way to add power to your marketing mix. When used on your website or social media, they can create awareness of your business that captures attention more effectively than written or static presentations. Consider the bigger story you can wrap these up in to create a greater impact. You may want to create multiple promotional videos, each one focused on a different product or service.


Video Business Card

This kind of video is a unique product of Bautista Media. Presented as a short 1 or 2 minute presentation, your video business card acts like an “elevator speech” of you talking about your business, with additional footage to illustrate the things that are being covered. It’s a powerful addition to your website. A special package is available in our online shop.